United National Photographers (UNP) stands as a beacon of excellence in freelance photography, offering an unmatched blend of press, PR, and editorial photography services. With a network that stretches across the United Kingdom, including Great Britain, Northern Ireland, as well as RoI,  UNP’s team of 65 experienced photographers ensures that no moment goes uncaptured, no matter where it unfolds.

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In summary, this photo is a rich tapestry of skills, equipment, and objectives, harmoniously coalescing to document and shape the narrative of the event. It is a testament to the multifaceted world of photography, where the press photographer, news photographer, PR photographer, and their respective disciplines of media coverage photography, event photography, and public relations photography converge to create a compelling visual story.

Our Extensive Coverage

UNP is proud to offer services in numerous locations across the UK. Our coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

Region Towns/Cities
Scotland Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Fort William, Glasgow, Inverness
Northern Ireland Belfast, Derry
England – North Bradford, Carlisle, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, York
England – Midlands Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, Oxford, Worcester
England – South Bodmin, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Exeter, London, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Southampton
Wales Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham
Others Isle of Wight, Jersey

Our Services

At UNP, we specialize in a variety of photography services, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our expertise includes:

  • Press and News Photography: Capturing the essence of every story.
  • PR and Corporate Event Photography: Enhancing your brand’s image.
  • Editorial and Magazine Photography: Bringing narratives to life through visuals.
  • Photojournalism: Documenting events with a keen eye for detail.
  • Event and Reportage Photography: Capturing the spirit of every event.
  • Creative Content and Storytelling Photography: Crafting visual narratives for your brand.

Contact Us

Our team is ready to go the extra mile for your photographic needs. Whether your project is within the areas listed or just outside, we strive to accommodate your requirements. Contact us now for more information and to discuss how we can bring your vision to life through our lens.

Capturing Moments, Leading the Scene: UNP’s Story of Excellence.

Press or PR photography image taken by a freelance photographer to support a news or marketing material

© Fraser Band/ ©UNP www.unp.co.uk pictures@unp.co.uk
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United National Photographers Ltd.
“Fraser Band shines under the spotlight, capturing the dynamic spirit and shared anticipation of contestants in ‘Fifteen to One’ with his masterful lens.”

Adzooma, known for its role in spotlighting industry leaders, has recognized UNP as the foremost agency in a list celebrating photographic artistry.

At UNP, located in the UK, where the art of press photography is alive and clicking. Our press photographers are at the heart of this, capturing not just events as they happen but the emotions and undercurrents that accompany them.

The freelance photographers among us are the essence of photojournalism. With each assignment, they bring forth slices of reality, from the grit of the streets to the grandeur of state affairs. They carry their cameras with a sense of purpose, mindful that their images have the power to inform and inspire.

UNP’s foray into event photography is about more than just capturing faces and places. It’s about immortalizing the spirit of the moment, whether it’s a corporate event in New York or a cultural festival in London. The photo coverage provided by our team ensures that no detail is missed, no moment forgotten.

This image provides a candid, behind-the-scenes look at the duties of West Yorkshire Police Officers, capturing the essence of press and reportage photography.

Photo: © Victor De Jesus. / UNP www.unp.co.uk pictures@unp.co.uk
West Yorkshire Police Officers, Philippa Child & Chris Merrick policing a typical Saturday night in Wakefield City Centre.
Phone(+44) 0845 600 7737 / 01943884941 / 07771765646
United National Photographers Ltd.
Victor De Jesus, the freelance photographer, has effectively captured a moment that tells a story about the challenges and routines involved in maintaining public order and safety. It’s an editorial portrait of the officers at work, and it could well accompany an article discussing law enforcement in urban nightlife settings. The scene conveys a sense of immediacy and authenticity, hallmarks of skilled editorial photography.

Our editorial photographers have a distinct voice that echoes through their work. In editorial photography, each image is thoughtfully crafted to complement the narrative, enriching the story it’s meant to tell. UNP’s commitment to this craft extends to the poignant subtleties of editorial portrait photography, where the subject’s story is often told through a single, compelling image.

his image is a vibrant example of editorial and reportage photography, taken by freelance photographer Teri Pengilley for UNP. It features a group of four individuals on Westminster Bridge, with the iconic Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the background, which immediately situates the event in London. The quartet is holding a large placard that reads "100,000+ people call on UK Gov to fund research NOW," with an image of a blood bag filled with what appears to be plastic pieces, underscoring the message "PLASTIC IS IN OUR BLOOD." Photo bt freelance press photographer

Photo: ©Teri Pengilley / UNP www.unp.co.uk pictures@unp.co.uk Phone(+44) 0845 600 7737 / 01943884941 / 07771765646 United National Photographers Ltd. Common Seas hands in a petition to 10 Downing Street. The individuals, presumably activists or representatives from Common Seas, are directly facing the camera, displaying the seriousness of their cause with earnest expressions. They stand united, conveying the urgency of their appeal to the government for research funding, and the photograph captures the essence of a significant social issue.

In storytelling photography, our photographers are akin to visual authors, each frame a sentence, every sequence a story. The freelance photographer in this domain has the unique task of finding the narrative thread in the tapestry of visuals they capture.

With this recognition from Adzooma, UNP is reminded of the company we’re in, alongside esteemed peers like Soho Management, AMP, JSR Agency, Lucid Representation, Wonderhatch, and Panos Pictures. Each agency brings its own flavor to the table, and it’s an honor to be leading such a talented ensemble.

While being number one is indeed a point of celebration, it’s the shared pursuit of excellence that resonates more deeply with us at UNP. We understand that photography is not just about the accolades but about the stories we tell and the legacies we leave behind through our lenses.

UNP’s journey is an ongoing narrative of passion, dedication, and the unwavering quest to capture life in its myriad forms. It’s a commitment to keeping the authentic essence of the world in view, one photo at a time.

Thank you to Adzooma for this recognition, and here’s to the stories yet to be captured, the moments waiting to be framed, and the continued celebration of this visual language that speaks so eloquently across borders and barriers