Editorial Portraits

From Royalty, celebrities and politicians, to industry leaders, farmers and entertainers. You name them, we’ve probably photographed them. All our photographers are experienced within editorial markets, producing unique editorial portraits and putting their subjects at ease for national or local newspapers, magazines and websites. We work with picture editors up and down the country, serving national broadsheets and some tabloid markets.

Some of the clients we have worked with:

United National Photographers are the best rated independent photography agency for newspapers, magazines, trade publications, weekend supplements, TV and film production companies.

By maintaining a commitment to technological advancement and upholding high levels of creativity and innovation, our product retains its quality regardless of trends, and we retain our excellent reputation as National Editorial Photographers.

Whilst our network of photographers is a national one, we are proud of the local expertise of our team. Each of our photographers have well-established ties with regional as well as national publications operating in their area, and are familiar with their content and editorial style. Click the link below for more information about our National UK coverage.